Choose and Cut Your Own Christmas Trees!

Evergreen Farm, nested in the heart of the scenic Hudson Valley. Evergreen farm is 25 picturesque manicured acres of the finest Christmas trees. Over 1,000 trees to choose from every year.

HOURS: 9:30 - 4:30

Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm, nestled in Millbrook, NY. is in the heart of the Hudson Valley, just 90 miles from New York City. At Evergreen Farm, you and your family choose and cut your own Christmas tree or we will cut the tree for you.

Evergreen is a casual and intimate family farm owned and operated by Richard & Wendy Philipps.

Richard and Wendy Philipps have been growing Christmas trees for 25 years. Serving our customers with the finest trees, great holiday fun and tradition. Memorable experience.

We grow top-quality Christmas trees of several varieties; which are raised, tended to and sheared for years to provide your family with the perfect Christmas tree.

We feature Douglas fir, Frazier Fir and Spruce trees that range from 6 feet to 13 feet tall.

Tree Pricing

Trees 4ft to 8ft tall are $8 per foot.

Trees 9ft to 13ft tall are $9 to $10 per foot.

Handsaws and Bailing Free.

Cash or Checks Only.

We look forward to your visit! Come and choose a natural, long lasting Christmas tree for your family holiday... The Old Fashioned Way!